Dr. Abaz Hado

Dr. Abaz Hado

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Abaz Hado has committed Lyceum “Jordan Misja” in Tirana, then studied the “Academy of Fine Arts” in Tirana, which ended in 1983.

In 1985 he completed postgraduate studies for researcher and art critic.

He studied for art management

In the field of visual art it has activity is very wide, which has participated in many international exhibitions as participating in biennials in many countries around the world, has opened many exhibitions inside and outside the country.

One of his work is at the Queen’s Fund Arts of England.

He has published many articles and has participated in discussions and conferences for the visual arts, it has also published research monograph, “Guri Madhi Life and Work”, “On the National Art Gallery” and “History of Art” with coauthor.

Of ten years has designed and directed the TV Show “Art Shopping” in the biggest news television on News 24 and recently Tv Show “Art and Art” on national channel TVSH.

He was the director of the “National Gallery”, and vice. Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports

He is a lecturer of art history and communication.

He holds a Doctor of Science for Art.

Dr. Abaz Hado guest on the show “See program”

Painter and art critic

Photogallery with some work
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